Historical Records

#20Years of Healthy Internet (2002 – 2022)

Initiated in April 2002, ICT Watch has spawned a number of educational initiatives and advocacy movements regarding digital literacy in Indonesia. Here are some historical records:

  • April 2002: Launched the educational program “Healthy Internet” (see site Healthy Internet version 2002 and its first public communication)
  • December 2008: Has a legal entity deed “Indonesian TIK Partners Association”
  • November 2009: The legal entity "Indonesian ICT Partner Association" is officially registered with the Ministry of Law and Human Rights
  • February 2009: "Healthy Internet" was adopted by the Indonesian government through SK Menkominfo No. 28/KEP/M/Kominfo/1/2009. ICT Watch also provides advice to the government related to this.
  • July 2009: “Healthy Internet Blog Award"(ISBA) was launched and running for 4 (four) years, with the support of various parties
  • October 2010: “Healthy Internet” is registered with the Director General of Intellectual Property Rights and is free, free and open to be used for public education
  • May 2011: ICT Watch's first documentary film “Massline 1” launched. Please refer to 7 (seven) documentary film Literacy Other literacy, supported by various parties
  • November 2012: co-initiated the Indonesia Internet Governance Forum (ID-IGF) with multistakeholders
  • June 2013: co-initiated the Southeast Asia Freedom of Expression Network (SAFEnet) with multistakeholders
  • October 2013: co-host UN global event”Internet GovernanceForum"(IGF 2013) in Bali with multistakeholders
  • August 2014: awarded Tasrif Award from the Alliance of Independent Journalists (AJI)
  • September 2015: co-initiated Indonesia Child Online Protection (ID-COP) with multistakeholders
  • May 2016: won the UN award – WSIS Award Champion in Geneva
  • May 2016: co-launched the “Good Internet"with multistakeholders (read the news)
  • April 2017: Digital Literacy Framework Indonesia released to the public
  • June 2017: awarded UN – WSIS Award Winner in Geneva
  • October 2017: co-initiated the Digital Literacy National Movement CYBERCREATION with multistakeholders
  • February 2018: co-initiated the program SmartSchool Online with multistakeholders
  • June 2018: Book “Healthy Internet" get ISBN from National Library of Indonesia. Please visit complete library ICT Watch books
  • July 2018: Podcasts“People's Digital Lenong(LDR) was launched
  • April 2020: start playing an active role in Public Communications Task Force for Handling COVID-19 (Covid-19 Task Force / KPCPEN)
  • July 2020: launching e-Klepon 950, utilization of mini computers as solutions for learning digital content in an emergency / offline manner
  • August 2021: Healthy Internet Champion, a program to empower Digital Literacy activists, was launched with the support of various parties
  • November 2021: launching Healthy Internet Digital Literacy Academy, a concise, free and certified online class
  • December 2021: received a Digital Literacy Education award from the West Java Provincial Government
  • January 2022 (and thereafter): Continuing the mandate to develop digital literacy for Indonesian people

(to be continued for the period January 2022 – December 2022)