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#20Years of Healthy Internet (2002 – 2020)

  • April 2002: Launched the educational program “Healthy Internet” (see site Healthy Internet version 2002 and its first public communication)
  • December 2008: Has a legal entity deed “Indonesian TIK Partners Association”
  • November 2009: The legal entity "Indonesian ICT Partner Association" is officially registered with the Ministry of Law and Human Rights
  • February 2009: "Healthy Internet" was adopted by the Indonesian government through SK Menkominfo No. 28/KEP/M/Kominfo/1/2009. ICT Watch also provides advice to the government related to this.
  • July 2009: “Healthy Internet Blog Award"(ISBA) was launched and running for 4 (four) years, with the support of various parties
  • October 2010: “Healthy Internet” is registered with the Director General of Intellectual Property Rights and is free, free and open to be used for public education
  • May 2011: ICT Watch's first documentary film “Massline 1” launched. Please refer to 7 (seven) documentary film Literacy Other literacy, supported by various parties
  • November 2012: co-initiated the Indonesia Internet Governance Forum (ID-IGF) with multistakeholders
  • June 2013: co-initiated the Southeast Asia Freedom of Expression Network (SAFEnet) with multistakeholders
  • October 2013: co-host UN global event”Internet GovernanceForum"(IGF 2013) in Bali with multistakeholders
  • August 2014: awarded Tasrif Award from the Alliance of Independent Journalists (AJI)
  • September 2015: co-initiated Indonesia Child Online Protection (ID-COP) with multistakeholders
  • May 2016: won the UN award – WSIS Award Champion in Geneva
  • May 2016: co-launched the “Good Internet"with multistakeholders (read the news)
  • April 2017: Digital Literacy Framework Indonesia released to the public
  • June 2017: awarded UN – WSIS Award Winner in Geneva
  • October 2017: co-initiated the Digital Literacy National Movement CYBERCREATION with multistakeholders
  • February 2018: co-initiated the program SmartSchool Online with multistakeholders
  • June 2018: Book “Healthy Internet" get ISBN from National Library of Indonesia. Please visit complete library ICT Watch books
  • July 2018: Podcasts“People's Digital Lenong(LDR) was launched
  • April 2020: start playing an active role in Public Communications Task Force for Handling COVID-19 (Covid-19 Task Force / KPCPEN)
  • July 2020: launching e-Klepon 950, utilization of mini computers as solutions for learning digital content in an emergency / offline manner
  • August 2021: Healthy Internet Champion, a program to empower Digital Literacy activists, was launched with the support of various parties
  • November 2021: launching Healthy Internet Digital Literacy Academy, a concise, free and certified online class
  • December 2021: received a Digital Literacy Education award from the West Java Provincial Government
  • January 2022 (and thereafter): Continuing the mandate to develop digital literacy for Indonesian people


ICT Watch vision:

"The realization of an Indonesian Internet governance ecosystem that protects and fulfills citizens' rights to information and freedom of expression, as well as the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), including the Internet within it, strategically, as mandated by the Indonesian constitution."

ICT Watch Mission:

  • Building public awareness in Indonesia, especially for parents and teachers, about the safe and wise use of ICT / Internet. (INTERNET SAFETY)
  • Empowering civil society in the Southeast Asian region, especially freedom of expression activists, by jointly building knowledge and skills to use ICT / Internet properly. (INTERNETRIGHTS)
  • Support multiple stakeholder dialogue (multi-stakeholder) in terms of ICT and Internet governance, by upholding the main principles of transparency, accountability, equality and democracy. (INTERNET GOVERNANCE)

ICT Watch provides a number of digital literacy guides / references in various forms with free-to-use licenses (creative common licensed). Please access at http://akademi.internetsehat.id



* Organizational Advisory Board: Donny BU (Data Protection Officer), Maria Advianti, Onno W Purbo, Rapin Mudiardjo,
* Organizational Supervisory Board: Dewi W Ningrum, Heru Tjatur (Chief Finance Officer), Mukhlis Ifransah, Yan Aryanto

* Executive Board / Daily Management
Executive director: Indriyatno Banyumurti
Deputy Executive Director: thistle
Activity Advisor: Abigail Bernadette, Akhfiyan Qoyyum
Technical Manager: Timor Sun
Program Manager: Ida Ayu Prasastiasih
Content Managers: Maria Amanda Inkiriwang
Finance and General Manager: Siti Hanafiah
Daily Executor (Officers & Staff): Aulia Bunga Justicia, Bagus Balghi, Defira NC, Dinda Syaidina, Ricky Djajasinga
Implementing Partner Ad-Hoc: Acep Syaripuddin, Denden Sofiudin, Frenavit Putra, Habib Almascatie, Savero Dwipayana


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