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ICT Watch provides free web hosting for communities, scouts, ICT volunteers, MSMEs, citizen journalists, and non-profit organizations. Main feature: hosting capacity 3GB, cPanel features for hosting management and unlimited bandwidth (shared).

ICT Watch Freemium Hosting Registration Tutorial
  • Features: 3GB Webspace, cPanel Features, Unlimited Bandwidth Shared, 3 Subdomains, 3 MySQL Databases, 17 POP3 Emails, Web Application Ready: Online Shop, Company Profile, CMS, Blog, Forum
  • Security: Email Spam Box Protection, Apache SpamAssassin, Free antivirus embedded, cPanel SSL Certificate, Daily Backup + Remote Backup, Secured Server Location at Jakarta (IDC Indonesia)

This facility can be obtained if you have done 5 (five) MANDATORY STEPS the following:


  1. Already have the desired domain name (note: if you don't have one, please order a domain name through a third party, for example through Techscape Indonesia). It is highly recommended to use the name .id domain (example: /
  2. Navigate”name server” (NS) your domain name is to and (Note: consult this directly with the technical admin where you ordered the domain name)
  3. Must send screenshot / screen capture results of checking your domain name as requested in point #2 above to email support @ (Note: without sending the screenshot / screen capture, we will not process this registration. please check the domain name you are using whois PANDI ( for those that end in .id or lookup ICANN ( for those ending in .com/.net/.org etc. An example of a screenshot / screen capture is attached below). You can also ask the admin for help where you ordered the domain name to commit screenshots / screen captures The.
  4. Read and understand General requirements below then please fill out the online registration form completely and correctly.
  5. At the latest 2×24 hours we will send information regarding your login access via e-mail, if it has been sent screenshots / screen captures and fill out the online form. If you have not received the e-mail, please confirm via e-mail support @



  1. This service NOT for personal / individual / individual interests and prohibited for content and / or actions that violate generally accepted ethics, norms and laws.
  2. As for what is meant by citizen journalism the content should be about citizen/public/society information, not just about private life or specific people (personal branding). Read the definition of citizen journalism on Wikipedia.
  3. Do not install / run programs / scripts / bots that can be burdensome server resources (memory & CPU load) excessively.
  4. If there is a violation of point 1 and/or 2 above, then the user will be given only 1 (one) email warning. If within 2×24 hours there is no expected response, then the hosting account will be frozen unilaterally.
  5. We are not responsible for content uploaded by users to their respective hosting accounts and are also not responsible for loss of content that occurs due to negligence on the part of users or due to other technical incidents, including due to circumstances that can be said force majeure.
  6. Please independently users of this service do backup periodically for the content / website that they manage respectively.
  7. We do not provide consulting or technical support (technical support) specifically regarding the use of this service. Please learn about cPanel Features to manage your hosting independently.
  8. If your needs exceed the capacity of this service, or the requirements that apply are not in accordance with your wishes, then we recommend using existing commercial services (among others like Techscape Indonesia, Qwords, Citrahost, etc)
  9. This service is valid for a year and can be automatically extended for the next year according to mutual agreement and will remain free of charge (free).
  10. On the site service users are expected (but not required) to place banners #freemiumhosting below and linked to
banner #freemiumhosting

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