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3 (Three) Steps Before Reporting Negative Content:

  1. Read and understand first:
  2. Prioritize reporting / flagging independently. The method:
  3. We can help forward your report to the relevant parties. Please send an email to with subject: negative content report. Then include it in the email URLs/links of the content you reported, along with an explanation type of violation  which has been carried out based on community guidelines / standards in point number 1 above. If the content is in the form of a video, please include it as well how many minutes the violation occurred.


  • As a member Youtube Trusted Flagger (YTF) and Facebook Trusted Partners (FTP) in Indonesia, we are ready to help you if you have done steps 1 and 2 above, but have not received an adequate response.
  • YouTube and Facebook have priority scales for handling reports from their Trusted Partners. However, the content that you report will be subject to action based on the consideration of each manager of the social media platform based on applicable community guidelines / standards. The speed and accuracy of the response / action on the content that you report via us is not our authority and / or responsibility.
  • Please download and read YTF and FTP program periodic reports what we do as part of transparency, accountability and professionalism.

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